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Founded on the success and depth of our proven expense management products, CentreSuite by ProCard provides users with higher levels of self-service, flexibility, and convenience. With CentreSuite, the power of information is put into the hands of the people who need it most. Using only a Web browser, users can instantly access the specific account, transaction, or report they need, based on permissions — providing the ultimate in self-service.

CentreSuite also evolves as your programs evolve. At the core of CentreSuite is a robust administration component that allows program administrators to define and control user data and functionality. Even as your programs grow, change, and become more complex, you gain the flexibility to rollout new features as they are needed. In addition, all of the CentreSuite modules are accessible through the same secure, easy-to-use Web-browser interface. Even if your organization has a multiple card program, you gain the convenience to manage and report on account, transaction, and expense data in all programs from a single solution.

The CentreSuite modules include the following:

  • The Account Management Module — provides card program administrators with the ability to perform card account maintenance, create and manage commercial card accounts, and quickly respond to cardholder needs in real time.

  • The Expense Management Module — provides cardholders, approving managers, and program administrators with transaction viewing, splitting, editing, approval workflow, and data export capabilities, along with allocation logic and the ability to enter out-of-pocket expenses.

  • The Statement Management Module — enables cardholders, their managers, and program administrators to receive, view, and/or pay account statements online using a secure Internet connection. Account summaries and activity posted since the most recent statement cycle are displayed in real time, so users know exactly what has been spent to date.

  • The Report Management Module — provides online access to expense data through scalable report formats, queries, and data export methods. Administrators, managers, and cardholders can be granted access to numerous reports in a variety of formats, including standard and processor-generated, as well as database queries and data exports that can be integrated into your organization’s Enterprise Resource Planning, general ledger, or other back-office applications.

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